Journal of voyages and travels by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet – Volume I (1832)


Titre : Journal of voyages and travels by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet, esq., deputed from the London missionary society, to visit their various stations in the South sea islands, China, India, &c. between the years 1821 and 1829. Comp. from original documents, by James Montgomery …From the 1st London ed., rev. by an American editor – Volume I.
Auteur : Daniel Tyerman (1773-1828)
Compilation des textes originaux : James Mongomery

Éditeur : Crocker and Brewster – Boston / Jonathan Leavitt – New-York
Date : 1832
Sujet :
Pomare’s Residence—Account of a League of Pacification among the Natives—Strangers in Tahiti—Repararu’s House—Cocoanut Water—Exotic Trees—Dress of Natives—St. Luke’s Gospel transcribed by Pomare—Visit to Papeiti—Preparations for the Sabbath—Singular Consequence of a Mistake in Captain Wilson’s Sea-reckoning—First Sabbath at Matavai—Prevalence of Infanticide in former Times—Canoe-making—Fishing—Incident by which the Gospel was carried to Raiatea—Horrors of Idolatry— Pomare—Spirituous Liquors—Progress of Christianity at Raivavai—Tahitian Supper—Tabued Trees… 45
Islands which have received Christianity—Language of the Natives of the Society Islands—Destruction of Idols—Domestic Manufactures—Presents from the King—Hiro, the God of Thieves—War-spear—Missionaries prepare a Code of Laws — Tatooing abandoned—Visit to Eimeo—Strolling Players—Public Service—Introduction to Pomare—Interview with Christian Church and Congregation—Social Meetings for Religious Improvement… 62
Project of a Cotton Mill—Shells, &c.—Magnificent Natural Panorama— Night-scene—Bans of Marriage—Palma Christi, and other Plants—Native Martyrs—Great Marae—Arabu, Chief of Eimeo—Cowries, &c.—Roman Catholic Missionary—Trials of the first Preachers of the Gospel here—Roguery of the Islanders formerly—Their present Character contrasted—Idolatrous Priests—Second Interview with Pomare—Tatooing—Mosquitoes —Return to Tahiti—Housekeeping—Native Manners—Bartertrade… 78
Fishing by Torch-light—Valley of Matavai—Sufferings of first Missionaries—Rare Birds—Ora Tree,&c.—Basaltic Cliffs—Simple Method of producing Fire—Traits of Tahitian Character — Mode of Living—Administration of the Sacrament—Diseases of the Natives—Burial of a Child—Proper Names—Phosphoric Matches—Apprehensions of a Disturbance—Site for Cotton Factory— American Ship in Matavai Bay—Account of a Plot once formed by Tahitians to seize a European Vessel—Providential Preservation of the Lives of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Bennet at Sea—The last Battle of the last Native War…  99
Visit to Punaauia—Maubuaa, or the Swine-owner—Man punished for Swearing—Return to Matavai—Coral-groves—King of Borabora’s Solicitude to have a Missionary—Eagerness of the People to obtain Books—Anecdote of Pomare—Visit of Captain Walker —Simple Substitute for Bellows—Interview with Pomare—Sail to Eimeo—Examination of Candidates for Church Fellowship Public Fast and Prayers for the King—Anecdote of Raiatean Affection towards a Missionary—Shaving Process—Singular Species of Crab—Native Generosity—Evils resulting from the Use of Stills—Taro-Plantation—The Hoop-Snake—A Court of Justice—First Burning of Idols… 120
Departure for the Leeward Islands—Huahine—Distinguished Natives— Speeches—Death of Poinare—Grounds on which the Effects produced by Christian Missions in these Islands have been omisrepresented—Last Injunctions and Dying Scene of Pomare… 134
Native Marriage—Missionary Settlement—Gradations of Society — Interesting Visit and Conversation—Shocking Practices of the old Idolaters—Strata—Coral-formations… 146
Engagements of a Week—Plan for an Insurrection—Native Carpentry— The Bread-Fruit Tree—Aromatic Grass—Mountain Prospect—The Cocoa-Nut Tree… 159
Coasting Tour round Huahine—Rocking-stone—Hurricane by Night—Mahabu Harbor—Matara—Sea-side Meal—Native Sayings—Large Marae—Converted Priest of Oro—Picture of a Party asleep—Converted Shark-worshipper—A Shark Marae , Accident-Bird—Value of a Nail… 170
Lizard-god—Motley Dinner Company—Traditions—Dog Marae Rock-Scenery—District of Hiro, God of Thieves—Puerile Prerogative of Areois—Cascade—Fern-leaf Printing—Memorial Trees planted—Columnar Rock—Comfortless Plight of the Coasting Party—Curious Species of Lobster—Marae of Tani
Idol-Festival—Extensive Lagoon—Extraordinary Aoa Tree Royal Burying-place—Native Contributions to Missionary Society— Gross Notions formerly entertained concerning a Future. State… 183
Tempestuous Weather—Case of Conscience—Rights of Fishery Native Frankness—Tani’s Bed—Destruction of Tani’s Idol Tani’s converted Priest—Ancient Forum—Fortified Eminence Ludicrous Tradition—Meteors—Offerings to Tani—End of the Cruise round Huahine—Astronomical Notions of the Islanders Divisions of the Day, &c.—Prompt Justice—Singular Moth Terms for the Winds—Appointment of Deacons in the Church —Visit to Tiramano—Exotic and Naturalized Vegetables… 201

A Feeding—Warning Discourses against Apostasy—A Native Hog a rare Animal now—A singular Fish—Handicrafts—Tahitian Language, and Figures of Speech—Sugar-cane Crop Dauntless, Ship of War—Uncommon Spider—Questions proposed for Consideration—Co-operation in House-building—Presents to Deputation—Tradition respecting the first Man and Woman—Noa—Mr. Tyerman and Mr. Ellis sail for Borabora — A Shark captured—Placid Beauty of the Sea—Arrival at Borabora— Missionary Station—Influence of Conjurers—Visit to two English Vessels—Opening of a new Chapel 219
Areois, or Vagabonds—Custom of dispatching infirm Persons Method of Negotiating respecting Peace or War—Fantastic Superstitions—Marriages of Chiefs in former Times—Conversation- meeting—Messrs. Ellis and Tyerman return to Huahine Candidates for Baptism—Native Numeration—Baptism administered— Indigenous Diseases—Animals, aboriginal and naturalized… 238
Two Vessels in the Offing—Taronarii—Projected Visit to the Marquesas Islands—Anna, Mattatore, and their Wives, set apart as Native Missionaries to the Marquesas—Birth of Taronarii’s Daughter—Two Brigs—Embarkation for the Marquesas—Amphibious Dexterity of the Islanders—Nocturnal Placidness of the Sea—Cockroaches—Towaihae Bay, Sandwich Islands—Motley Appearance of Natives… 257
Type : monographie imprimée
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 318
Droit : Domaine public
Identifiant : 919 T966
Source : State Library of Pennsylvania
Numériseur : This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Governor
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