The Mutineers of the Bounty and their descendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands (1870)

Titre : The Mutineers of the Bounty and Their Descendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands
Auteur : Lady Diana Jolliffe Belcher

Date : 1870
Éditeur : John Murray – Londres
Sujet :
Partie I
Chapitre I

Geographical researches in the South Seas — Discovery of Otaheite — Object of the Commission of the ‘Bounty’ — Introductory Notices of her Officers : Lieutenant Bligh — Fletcher Christian — George Stewart — Peter
PIeywood. 1
Chapitre II
Departure of the ‘Bounty’ — Voyage — Arrival at Tahiti, and sailing from thence to the west indies . 13
Chapitre III
The Mutiny — Dismissal of Lieutenant Bligh — Fletcher Christian in Command — The ‘ Bounty ‘ sails for the Island of Toubouai — Dissensions — Return to Tahiti — Departure of Fletcher Christian with eight English
men and some tahitian men and women. 32
Chapitre IV
Lieutenant Bligh’s Boat Voyage — Arrival in England — Correspondence — H.M.S. ‘ Pandora ‘ despatched to Tahiti. 52
Chapitre V
Proceedings of the Officers and Crew who separated from Fletcher Christian — The Schooner ‘ Resolution ‘ built — Arrival of the ‘ Pandora ‘ — Sufferings of the Prisoners — Shipwreck — Privations on the Boat Voyage —
Reach Batavia — Return to England .68
Chapitre VI
Consequences of the Mutiny — Correspondence previous to the Court-Martial. 100
Chapitre VII
Court-Martial — Correspondence of Members of Peter Heywood’s Family — Acquittal of some of the Crew — Pardon of Peter Heywood and James Morrison — Execution of two Prisoners — Subsequent career of Captain
Bligh and other Officers of the ‘Bounty’ — Death of Miss Nessy Heywood. 120
Partie II
Chapitre I

Position of the Mutineers — Arrival at Pitcairn Island — Destruction of the ‘Bounty’ — Death of Fletcher Christian, Edward Young, and others — Alexander Smith (John Adams) sole Survivor. 159
Chapitre II
Discovery of the Retreat of the Mutineers — Visits of Captain Folger and others — Arrival of John Buffett — John Evans — G. H. Nobbs — Death of John Adams. 169
Chapitre III
George Hunn Nobbs succeeds John Adams as Pastor of Pitcairn Island — Emigration to Tahiti — Return — Arrival of Joshua Hill — Arbitrary Proceedings — J. Hill removed from Pitcairn ,
Type : Monographie imprimée
Langue : Anglais
Identifiant : A582101
Droits : Domaine public
Source : Université du Michigan

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