Rowland Hassall – Lettre reçue de Pomare II – 3 juillet 1817

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Titre : Rowland Hassall – Letter received from Pomare II, king of Tahiti, 3 july 1817, being a true copy with translation by John Eyre
Auteur : Pomare II
Date : 1817
Sujet : Lettre écrite par Pomare II à Rowland Hassall (1768-1820), missionaire qui arrive à Tahiti avec le Duff en 1796. Pomare II y parle de la conversion des Tahitiens au christianisme, des anciennes idôles détruites par le feu, de la bible qui est en train d’être traduite. Traduction de la lettre par John Eyre.
Langue : Tahitien / Anglais
Type : Photographie
Droits : Domaine public
Identifiant : MLMSS 7085 / Microfilm – CY 4194, frames 50-57
Album ID : 823895
Identifiant numérique : a306001 à a306003
Source : State Library of New South Wales
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Transcription / Traduction


Mr Rowland Hassall
New South Wales

Page 1

Moorea, Afareaitu, 3rd of July, 1817
Iaoranaoe, e to fitii atoa ite ora raa ia Jesus Christ ite ora mau e orai tatou nei. Ua tupu roa te parau a te Atua i Tahite nei, e Raiatea’ toa hoi aore roa e fenua rii toe i teienei mau panaí fenua i te faaroo ite parau a te Atua mau; te faaroo atoa nei hoi te mau fenua Paú motura i te parau a te Atua, Nanaiho i faatupu tana parau i tupuai i teie nei mau fenua’ too. Ua pau roa aenei te mau Varuaino i teienei mau fenua i te tutui hia i te auahi; ua pau hoi te mau parau rii iino i te faarue hia, te haapao nei te taata’ too i te parau maitai a te Atua; ua maitae roaenei taua mau fenua ……ei, no te mea iite ae i te parau a te Atua nei i maitai ai nei –
E moé raa roa aenei to oe eaù, aore aenei au i ite faa hau atu ite huru i to oe mata, ete huru i ta oe parau ia papai to oe rima. Etuenei, e papai mai oe i te parau ia ite au i to oe parau Ehoaino. Eia ha oe e riri mai i teienei parau ite; teie tau parau iti ia oe na, e hapono mai oe i tetahi maa paper iti naù, e te Quill hoi, e te Ink powder hoi; tirara tau parau iti ia oe; ua pau roa …u paper i te papai hia eau ite Dictionary, no rura vau i ani atu ai nei; aore e tia ia oe ra, atira, uaha oe e riri. Teaha ra ra Mrs. Hassall? aore anei oia i pohe i te maí? Je aroha noa lunee au ia orua, e te fitii atoa; earoha rahi toù ia autou i to autau moé raa roa iaù.
Te nenei nei Mr. Ellis ma i te paraubi a bo, ua fatata hoi te parau a Luke i te nenei hia,e te parau a David, e te parau hoi a Jona, ua fatata ia i te nenei hia

Very good friend
Health and happiness to you and to your family the Salvation of Jesus Christ, the true Saviour, by whom alone we can be Saved. The word of God has taken great Root or made mightily to grow here in Tahite, and also at Raiatea, there is no small part of these lands but have received or believed the word of the true God; the People also of the Pau motu are verily brought to receive the Word. His word was planted by himself, therefore it has taken root also in these Countries. The vile Gods of these lands are totally abolished by being burned in the fire, and the customs connected with them are also abolished; the people are now attentive to the good word of God –
These same evil countries are become highly improved, the only cause is, their being brought to know, or esteem, the good word of God – I have lost all rememberance of you, the time of my knowing you was so short that I cannot recollect any thing of your countenance nor should I know your

Page 2

Faa hope mai i la oe parau ia ite maitai au.
Eia ha oe e hió poá i tenana parau e papai hia tu ia oe na, aore au iite i te papai parau; te napu noa nei matou i te papai roa i te parau.
Taorana oe; e to fitii a toa i te ora roa
ia Jesus Christ ite ora mau i, o rài
tatou nei
King Pomare of Tahite

your hand writing were I to see it; but my good friend I hope you will write to me. Dont be displeased at my request, this is what I request, send me a little paper and some Quills and also some Ink powder, this is all my request of you – I am writing a Dictionary and my paper is nearly expended, which urges me to make this request, therefore dont be displeased – How is Mrs Hassall? has she any Sickness? I feel a concern for you both and also for your family, and also that I have lost all recollection of your persons
Mr. Ellis and others are preparing to publish the bible, the word of Luke is nearly prepared and also of David and Jonah. Let me know all you have to say when you write. Dont criticise what I have written, I dont know well how to write, when we write we are apt easily to mistake thro’ our ignorance

Health and happiness to you and to your
family the Salvation of Jesus Christ,
the true Saviour by whom alone we can be saved

King Pomare of Tahite


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