Myths and songs from the south seas (1876)


Titre : Myths and songs from the south seas
Auteur : Révérend William Wyatt Gill de la London Missionary Society
Préfaceur : Friedrich Max Müller
Éditeur : Henry S. King & Co – Londres
Date : 1876
Sujet :
I.— MYTHS OF CREATION. The Beginning of all things. Dramatic song of creation …1
II.— DEIFIED MEN. Derivation of the Polynesian word for God. Tiaio, king and god. Tane-Ngakiau. Tekuraaki. Song of the shore-king, high priest of Rongo. Derivation of Polynesian word « atua, » or god. A human priesthood needed. Dedication of infants. Naming of children … 23
III.— ASTRONOMICAL MYTHS. A chase that never ends. Song of the twins. Matariki, or Pleiades. The sun and moon. The woman in the moon. Eclipses. A celestial fish-hook. A day-song for Maaki’s fete … 40
IV.— THE EXPLOITS OF MAUL The fire-god’s secret. The fire-god’s song. The sky-raised ; or, the origin of pumice stone. The sun made captive. The wisdom of Manihiki. Maui enslaving the sun. The sky raised. Maui’s last and greatest achievement … 51
V.— TREE MYTHS. The myth of the cocoa-nut tree. Tahitian myth of the cocoa-nut tree. The iron-wood tree. Ono fells a famous tree. Wanderings of Ono 77
VI— INA, THE FAIRY VOYAGER. Ina’s voyage to the Sacred Isle. Song of Ina. Final stanza of the day -song for Tenio’s fete. The voyage of Ina. The taairangi, or porpoise. The finny subjects of Tinirau. Numeration and the art of fishing invented. The origin of dancing. A song for Tenio’s fete … 88
VIL— MISCELLANEOUS MYTHS. A bachelor god in search of a wife. Echo ; or, the cave fairy. The prince of reed-throwers. The origin of kite-flying. A kite song for Tenio’s fete. Uti’s torch ; or, will-a-wisp. Mosquitoes. « The-long-lived.  » Human arts and inventions. Perils of beauty. Origin of pigs at Rarotonga. Seeking for light. Rata’s canoe. Prayer or charm for a thief or a murderer …107
VIII. – HADES; OR, THE DOCTRINE OF SPIRIT-WORLD. Aitutakian hell. Aitutakian heaven. Dramatic song of Miru. Sneezing. A farewell chanted at a reed-throwing match for women. 152
IX.— VEETINI ; OR, THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL. Vaipo’s dirge for Veetini. The closing or day-song for Tenio’s fete. Veetini meeting his father. Dirge for Vera. The ghosts led by Vera preparing for their final departure. Puvai leading a band of ghosts to the shades. Koroa’s lament for his son Kourapapa. Another lament for Kourapapa. Death lament for Varenga. Lament for Mourua. A spirit-journey. Introduction to the fete of Riuvaka 181
X.— ADVENTURES IN SPIRIT-WORLD. An escape from spirit-land. The adventures of Ngaru. The drama of Ngaru. The ball-thrower’s song. A journey to the invisible world 221
XL— FAIRY MEN AND WOMEN. Tapairu ; or, fairy women and men. A song in honour of Mauapa. Prologue to the dramatic fete of Potiki. The fairy of the fountain 256
XII.— DEATH-TALKS AND DIRGES. Ghost-killing. Death-talks. Eva, or dirge-proper. Karaponga’s dirgeproper in honour of Ruru. Arokapiti’s dirge-proper in honour of Ruru.  » Blackened face  » dirge-proper for Atiroa. The first murder and the first battle 268
XIII.— HUMAN SACRIFICES. Why human sacrifices were offered. The drum of peace. Prayer over a human sacrifice to Rongo. Prayer for peace. Kirikovi’s sacrifice. A « crj’ing » song for Maruata. The death of Ngutuku. Makitaka’s lament … 289
XIV.—THE SEASONS, PHASES OF THE MOON, etc., etc. The seasons. Changes of the moon. The mariner’s compass of Polynesia. Polynesian plurals. Polynesian numeration … 316

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Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 412
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Source : National Library of Scotland
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