Journal of voyages and travels by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet – Volume II (1832)


Titre : Journal of voyages and travels by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet, esq., deputed from the London missionary society, to visit their various stations in the South sea islands, China, India, &c. between the years 1821 and 1829. Comp. from original documents, by James Montgomery …From the 1st London ed., rev. by an American editor – Volume II
Auteur : Daniel Tyerman (1773-1828)
Compilation des textes originaux : James Mongomery

Éditeur : Crocker and Brewster – Boston / Jonathan Leavitt – New-York
Date : 1832
Sujet :

Distressing Weather at Sea—Nocturnal Beauty of the Heavens — Voracity of a Shark—A Coral Island—Sperm Whales—Woman Dies on board—Burial at Sea—Arrival at Rurutu—Reception by Natives—Chapel—Coral-formations—A Village—Ingenuity of the Inhabitants—Missionary Addresses—Adventures of a Chief at Sea—Introduction of the Gospel in Rurutu—Extracts from Missionary Letters—Idols exposed to Contempt—Raiatean Missionaries— Speeches by Natives
Return to Huahine—Native Missionary Seminaries—Means of Grace—Deputation proceed to Raiatea—Conference—Ribbons of Bark—A Borabora Convent—Dungeons for Criminals—Tobacco, Sugar, and Salt prepared—Tamatoa, King of Raiatea Trial and Punishment for Tatooing—Yoke-fellows—Pic-nic Parties— Superstitious Respect for a Scallop-shell—Raiatean Mythology— King formerly worshipped—Feat of Juggling—Traditions—Investure of the Kings—Local Falls of Rain—Native Prediction 115
Visit to Opoa, the Chief Seat of Ancient Idolatry—Public Festival Singular Appearance of the Feasters—Speeches—Tea-drinking Breaking-up of the Company—Expulsion of an Idolater from the Church—Ingenious Scruple—Den of the Evil Spirit- Strata—Creatures of the Sea—Romantic Tradition—Confessions of Infanticide—Marriage of Aimata, to Pomare of Huahine— Confession of a Sorcerer—One Hundred and Fifty-one Persons baptized 126
Deputation arrive at Tahaa—Appearance of the Natives—Waterspouts— Public Religious Services—Duties of a Missionary Teachableness of the Natives—An Ex-high-priest—Battle and Reconciliation between Fenuapeho and Tamatoa—An old Custom— Description of Tahaa—Extraordinary Rock—Religious Address by the King—Equality of Justice—Marriage in former Times—Remarkable Coral-reef—Coast-indentations—Motus — Ants—Large Draught of Fishes—Thievish Instinct of Hogs Baptism of One Hundred and Ninety-eight Persons—Proper Names—Punishment for scandalous Crimes 139
Arrival at Borabora—Missionary Settlement at Beulah—Appearance of Native Congregation—Congratulatory Addresses and Presents—Marriages—Island of Maupiti—Reflections on its Loneliness—The Deputation welcomed—Savage Practices of the People of Maupiti in former Times—Effects of Infanticide Ninety Persons baptized—Deserted Maraes—Missionary Collection— Return to Borabora—Estimation of the Scriptures Rogues and Vagabonds—Execution of a Criminal—Missionary Meeting—Laws revised—Prisoners’ Sentences commuted — Fortifications • 153
Return to Raiatea—Singular Water-spout—Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain— Dreadful Narrative of Captain Pollard—News from the Sandwich Islands—Raiatean Tradition—First Overthrow of Idolatry in Raiatea—Land Crabs—Departure for Huahine—Missionary Meeting held, and the Code of Laws settled 169
Embarkation for Tahiti—Captain Duperre in Matavai Bay—Tomb of Pomare—Three Thousand Persons attend Divine Service at once—Missionary Meeting—First Stone of Chapel laid at Papeete—Feast on that Occasion—Rites formerly used on laying the Foundation-stones of Maraes and royal Residences—Unsettled State of the Government of Tahiti—Houses tabued— A Tradition—An Earthquake—Names and Abode of first native Converts—Punishment for drinking Ava—Captain Riggs—His Escape—Ferocity of Marquesans—Winter-temperature of Tahiti— Birth-day of young Pomare 178
Russian Captain Lazaroff—Decision on a difficult Point of Tahitian Law—Impostures of ancient Priests—Basaltic Formation —Mountain-peak of Arofena—Magnificent Scenery—Valley of Arofena—A perilous Feat—Visit to Papara—Presents of Native Articles—The Fara-tree—First Parents of South Sea Islanders, according to Tradition—Opening of a Chapel—Fare na Atua, or House of a God—Rugged Ways into the Interior of Tahiti Tropical Fern—A Mountain Lake 187
The Deputation at Eimeo—Discontents in Tahiti—A Cow Slaughtered at Eimeo—Roby’s Place—Style of Ancient Kings—Meridian Rainbow—Old Superstitions—The Deputation sail for the Pearl Islands—Chapel at Raivavai—Taro-grounds— Chapel opened— Interchange of Presents—Visit to Tubuai—Gospel introduced at Tubuai—Difficulties about the Sabbath 198
Voyage to the Pearl Islands postponed, and the Deputation return to Eimeo and Tahiti—Parliament of the Windward Islands—Discussion and Adoption of the revised Code of Laws—Russian Ships under Captain Kotzebue visit Tahiti—Transportation of a House—Important Question respecting Rights of the Royal Family— Coronation of the young King Pomare III 209
The Deputation take a final Leave of Tahiti, and proceed by Eimeo for New South Wales, touching at Huahine, Tahaa, and Raiatea— Anecdotes, and a remarkable native Prophecy—Tides in the Pacific Ocean—An odd Incident in Fishing—A perilous Adventure— Borabora—Summary of Observations on the State of the Missions in the South Sea Islands, by the Deputation 223
Type : monographie imprimée
Langue : Anglais
Nombre de pages : 308
Droit : Domaine public
Identifiant : 919 T966
Source : State Library of Pennsylvania
Numériseur : This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Governor
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